Time to face the reality
Saturday, January 10, 2015 ? 0 squibbles

Thinking back i should've left then. I never should've let those feelings grow nor should i have set my gaze on him. I thought that the flutters in my heart would just subside as time went by. I thought that after some time had passed, it would be easy for me to leave him but that was a foolish misunderstanding i had felt. Its such a joy and happiness even thought that happiness was just a lie, i thought that i could argue it untill it became a reallity. I thought that if i argued it enough, those dreams would become a reality. But no matter how much i shut my eyes and ears, and no matter how much i argued against it. The truth still remained right where it stood. Its now time to awake from those dreams. No matter how hideous and heavy the truth is its now time to face the reality.

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