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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 ? 0 squibbles

Say it properly look at me, look into my eyes and say it.. why did you say goodbye? I know you have someone new and you're probably wearing clothes that i bought you, the cologne i bought you.. you're probably meet her and laughing right now.. do you like her that much? Although those tears are falling down i dont want to cry because of you.. you, that leave me. I'll back off so you can live better be happy without me. The love you've thrown away take it with you, take all of it away. Dont even bother to say sorry, dont worry about me i'll show you my happiness. I know you'll forget all about me and i know i'll end up hating you. Althought i know everything, no matter how much i try to erase you.. Do you still remember that day? The day when we met for the first time? I still remember those words you promised, you said you will only love me. I believed you, I believed your lies. You're gonna be like this anyway, so why did you love me? Did you really love me? No... I'll forget you for sure and i dont need you in my life.

inspired by C.

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