aku tanya apa khabar?
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 ? 0 squibbles

A day passes and even the sun rises. I closed my eyes and covered my eyes try to forget but you still make me remember those memory. Even though the weather is great, but my mood is not. You withered away from me. Do you think i'm okay while looking at the same situation again and again? Come on i've struggle because of this situations. Keliru nak jaga hati kau or nak jaga our friendship yang dah 4 tahun ni. Like a fake person that exact opposite of me i'm still make you laugh. haha but sometimes terasa lah jugak hati ni. Hati kan tisu.. but the world continues spinning like nothing happened. I'm miss you but i hate you. Nothing goes right.

*sometimes bestfriends can be a vivid enemy

cc: superwoman

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